Diaper Bags

Min: C$0 Max: C$60

Your diaper bag works hard, and will live on your arm for the next few years.  It endures leaking bottles, wet diapers, and crushed up fishy crackers. 

It carries a LOT of stuff - wipes, blankets, toys, extra clothes (for the inevitable diaper blow-outs), a change pad, bottles of milk, snacks...and that's just the baby's stuff!  It also needs pockets for your wallet, phone, lip gloss, keys.

All this necessary utility would lead a person to believe that a stylish bag is out of the question, but (thank heavens), that is just not true.  Today's diaper bags have all the pockets, wipe-ability, and durability required without sacrificing on style.  Because you may be a parent, but you're still you!