Omaiki One-Size Swim Diaper

As part of its line of products that adapt to your baby’s development, Omaïki has created a Swim Diaper that grows with your child.


• One size (8-35 lb)
• Four size adjustments with snaps that attach toward the back and are comfortable for Mom and Baby while you’re in the water!
• Wide elastic waistband for optimal fit, regardless of how busy or active your child can be
• Three height adjustments in the Omaïki Swim Diaper, so it can be used until your child is diaper-free!
• Thigh gussets for double protection
• Light absorption to avoid surprises when the baby is out of the water and in your arms!

Tawnya 13-10-2016 00:37

I WAS nervous about using this at first, especially because we were at the Rec centre and I didn't want there to be a leak in front of everyone! But these swim diapers are so adjustable that if ou do the snaps up right, it really can fit any size!! She started wearing it when she was around 12 lbs and we had no problem.
The only downside was that I put a swimsuit on top of it and covered up the cute bird design!! ;)

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